We use amazing open-source tools like Ruby on Rails to build robust web applications on time and on budget. We use an iterative, customer-oriented process to ensure a pain-free product launch. Whether you're starting from the ground up or need rescue on an existing Rails application, we're here to help.

WEB   consulting

Over time, we've learned a lot through working in the industry and building our own products. We've developed a good feel for how things should work, how they should look and how to take a project from start to finish. We'd be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Community   building

Whether you're a startup, non-profit, or a single person trying to make a difference, we'll develop the right solution to establish your online community. Engage the world through Social Media, websites, online campaigns and more.





Based in the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area, 29fx is a software company that specializes in working with startups and small teams to create elegant solutions for the web. Our customer-oriented process, based on constant collaboration and quick iterations, eliminates wasted time and poor results. We enjoy using the latest web and mobile technologies to create opportunities for your business.


Tony - Founder, Developer

Tony started working with Ruby in early 2007 and has never looked back. A proud graduate of Virginia Tech (B.S., Computer Engineering) and George Washington University (M.S., Computer Science), Tony's passions are technology, entrepreneurship and building simple, effective software. In his career he has developed software for large federal clients, startup companies and "mom and pop" businesses. When coding web applications his weapons of choice are a Macbook Pro, Rails, jQuery, Git and Heroku.

Tony lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Mary and their dog Molly. He enjoys traveling, photography and roller-coasters. His favorite Mario Kart character is Yoshi.

Twitter: @tonyhuynh


Mary - Support

Mary keeps spirits high and takes care of the bookkeeping and administrative tasks. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Seattle University in Biology and is also a Licensed Practical Nurse. Her extensive experience in the day to day operations at a small, family-owned restaurant gives her a unique perspective in dealing with clients. Mary has a keen eye for design and also pitches in with QA testing.

In her spare time Mary volunteers as a teacher at a local Vietnamese language learning school. She enjoys yoga, playing the Wii and going to the beach. Her favorite Mario Kart character is Toadette.




33 needs

33needs.com is a web application that connects entrepreneurs solving our world's biggest needs to micro-investments from the public. Anyone can invest in ideas and companies that are saving the world.

Quote from 33needs CEO Josh Tetrick: "Here's the bottom-line: none of this (TC coverage, NYT coverage for our web application) would have happened without the skills and guidance that Tony provided us.. He literally built the site from the very first line of code into something that all of us can be so proud of. We can't imagine what kind of mess we'd be in without him and 29fx."




Where The Pho

WhereThePho.com helps you find the best Pho / Vietnamese restaurants near you. The site is currently in a public beta and will formally launch in Spring 2011.



WaterMyLikes.com is a Facebook like generator.



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